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Can Your Mortgage Be Your Savings Account?

It is becoming increasingly popular to use a mortgage in lieu of a low-interest savings account. Is this a good idea? The latest version is a home-equity line of credit that is used to buy a home. ........ Read More

Saving Money With Tax Free Medical Plans

Do you have medical expenses that you incur every single year? Do you always use up your entire medical insurance deductible on co-pays? If so, there are a couple of medical saving plan available t........ Read More

Saving Money With Online Dating

These days, it costs a great deal of money to maintain a presence on the dating scene. Bars and nightclubs routinely charge covers simply for admission, and everything inside will set you back quite ........ Read More

Save Online, Try The Online Savings Account

Savings account is account deposited that is only intended to stay in the bank for a relatively shorter time span. This account usually offers much lower interest rates than most bank accounts. But st........ Read More

Frugal Food Saving

Plan Your Lunches - Daily By packing your lunches every day, a family of three can save about forty-five dollars a week or around $2,340 a year. This is based on a nutritious lunch that includes sand........ Read More

Saving Money Is The Slow Path To Financial Freedom

Getting a job and not spending all the money each month is the slowest, hardest, and least efficient way to build up a big pile of money. Saving money is a worthwhile net worth building activity, but ........ Read More

The Retirement-savings Vs. College-savings Dilemma

Before a child is born, every parent considers (even if briefly) the cost of raising a child and to put them through college. And the question about saving money that you’ll consider at some point i........ Read More

How To Get The Most Savings From Student Loan Consolidating

The goal of student loan consolidating is to improve your overall financial picture; whether that means lowering monthly payments, improving a credit score, or reducing debt to income ratio. Student ........ Read More

Restaurant Coupon – Special Saving On Fast Food

We generally spend up to 40 percent of our food dollar out the home which is quit a smart money to spend like this and that can really put a bit effect on anyone’s budgets. Now cut off your restaura........ Read More

North Carolina Homeowner's Insurance Saving Money

North Carolina homeowner’s insurance can be affordable – and even cheap! Simply follow these tips for saving money on North Carolina homeowner’s insurance. Choose your home wisely. If you’r........ Read More

Saving Money On Car Insurance Has Never Been So Easy!

When you need to get car insurance, the last thing that you want to do is spend a lot of time and effort to find a great insurance provider. If you are looking for every possible way to save money, he........ Read More

Saving Money On Gas – The Scoop On Products And Services

As gas prices skyrocket and are forecasted to continue doing so, saving money on your fuels costs is becoming very important. Here is what you really need to save a few bucks. Saving Money on Gas –........ Read More

Saving Time And Money With Lettings Software

Choosing the right lettings software package could make a huge difference to your business. By automating the complex administration involved with keeping landlords and tenants happy, you can save tim........ Read More

Trading Safety For Savings

The recent rise in the price of commodities has affected the cost of medication and health care services. Prescription drugs are now more expensive than ever, and health insurance providers are changi........ Read More

Saving And Investment Options At The Bank

Your bank can do more for you than simply hold your money and issue checks. Many banks, especially larger national banks, also offer investment and savings options for customers. Here are some of the ........ Read More


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Garage Sale Garage Sales Millionaire Budget
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Garage Sale Garage Sales Millionaire Budget
Saving Frugal Investing Investment

Garage Sale


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