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Frugal Food Saving

Plan Your Lunches - Daily By packing your lunches every day, a family of three can save about forty-five dollars a week or around $2,340 a year. This is based on a nutritious lunch that includes sand........ Read More

Frugal Gifts For The Housekeeper

A frugal gift is measured first by it's usefulness. With that in mind, the frugal mind that is, the gift actually serves two practical purposes; it is useful and saves money. Most frugal women will ........ Read More

Frugally Safe

You don't have to spend a fortune to insure the safety of your family and home. I have listed several things you can do for little money to help make your home a safer place without having to ins........ Read More

A Frugal Lifestyle

The word “frugality” has left a more negative connotation for most people than simply being a saver, a cheapskate or tightwad. There is a thin line difference to saving and too much frugality to t........ Read More

Political Frugality - Book Review

It is hard to specify exactly what genre Larry Roth’s new book can fall into. Political, frugal living, gay rights, taking care of the body and more are covered in Political Frugality – Guerrilla ........ Read More

Fast And Frugal Ways To Redecorate Your Home

When it comes to our home, we all want it to be comfortable and inviting to those who take the time to visit us, as well as one we can be proud to show off. If your home seems a little dreary or feels........ Read More

Have Fun Frugally

You don't need to cut out entertainment completely in order to live a frugal life. Below, I have listed some very inexpensive ways to save money and still have fun. * If you live in a city, just t........ Read More

The Road A Frugal Life

Know your destination. You can't stay on the path towards your goals if you don't even know what your goals are. Have you ever gone into a grocery store without a list? You wander up and down the ais........ Read More

Frugal Cleaning Products

One of the best places to save money is on cleaning products. Here are a few recipes that are extremely economical, yet work fantastically! Note: Make sure to label all your homemade cleaning p........ Read More

Frugal Winter Fun

You don't need a wallet full of cash to enjoy the cold, snowy days. There are all kinds of frugal ways to enjoy the winter season together both indoors and outdoors. Here are a few frugal boredom bust........ Read More

How To Become Motivated To Be Frugal

You might really want to save money and be frugal, but just can't seem to get started. How do you jump start yourself into a frugal life? Whether you are just starting to be frugal or need a little........ Read More

Starting To Live Frugally

Downshifting by definition means trading a high standard of living and low (often highly stressful) quality of life for a higher quality of life. A downshifted life is a simpler life and often ric........ Read More

Frugal All-purpose Baking Mix

Pre-packaged store-bought box mixes are expensive. Have you considered homemade alternatives? Made-from-scratch mixes are healthy, cost beneficial, store well, and taste great. Often times, you're p........ Read More

Low-cost Frugal Vacations

What makes a perfect family vacation? That depends on your family; what they like to do, where they like to go, the ages of your children, even your parenting style. But most families will agree that ........ Read More

From Two Incomes To Frugal Living

Many families start living a frugal lifestyle because one partner wants to stay at home with the kids. If you are going from a two-income household to one, you may be afraid of what all has to be don........ Read More


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Garage Sale Garage Sales Millionaire Budget
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Garage Sale Garage Sales Millionaire Budget
Saving Frugal Investing Investment

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