Things to Consider When Garage Roller Door Installation Is Needed

Garage roller doors are an essential part of the home. They’re used when the garage is used for many different purposes, and they’re an essential part of any house. Roller garage doors can be a very convenient and functional addition to any home. But as with any garage-door product, some aspects should always be addressed before purchasing one, and garage roller door repairs are a must if you want to keep your garage in perfect working order.

General Maintenance and Repairs

One of the most important things to look out for is a sign of wear and tear on the roller doors moving parts. If you notice a hole in the centre of the door or see rust forming on the moving parts themselves, you should consider replacing them. A garage roller door is typically made of a combination of wood and steel and although the wood used in these roll up garage doors is pretty well indestructible, the steel can begin to warp and weaken over time. Generally, moving parts of a garage roller door motor last anywhere from 10-years to 15-years, depending on the type and material of the garage roller door that you purchase.

Also, if you have a garage roller door repair, it will be necessary to check the springs that support the rollers. Because the garage roller door motor itself is quite heavy and provides the entire door with much of its lifting force, if one of the springs happens to become damaged or even broken, it can completely upset the garage roller door’s lifting force, causing it to collapse or even fly up and off of the tracks. This can be extremely dangerous, as any objects or debris that might be on the ceiling or other areas of the garage can easily be pulled down by a weakened spring. Even more dangerous is a spring that breaks completely off of the track, which can then roll right over the door and into the vehicle itself, causing significant damage and a very big accident.

Another important garage roller door repair to look for is to make sure that there are proper lubrication of the rollers and the motor itself. Many garage doors will provide a lubricant spray to the roller door motors themselves, but this is usually only recommended for vehicles that are brand new or by professional garage door repair technicians. This lubricant spray can help to improve the lifespan of the garage roller door motor and should be applied at least once a year. This lubricant spray can also help to keep the garage roller door motor from overheating and suffering from premature wear. However, if you feel that the lubricant is not being applied as it should be, you can simply replace the lubricant yourself with one of the many commercially available products that can be found in any local hardware store.

Springs and Motors

If you are having trouble opening and closing your garage doors, you may also need to check the springs. Springs are responsible for opening and closing the garage doors, and although they are under heavy tension, they are also under a lot of wear and tear. If your garage doors feel like they need a little more work than normal, it is probably time for some garage doors regular garage maintenance.

When checking the tension of your springs, you need to look both ways. You should consult the manual that came with your garage roller door to see how much tension is on each spring, as well as how many turns of each spring is recommended. Most roller shutter panels will have guidelines on the amount of tension that is recommended on both sides of a sectional roller shutter panel, and if you have a sectional roller shutter, then you need to make sure that both sides of each panel have the same amount of tension. For a roller shutter to operate properly, the entire sectional section needs to be in perfect tension.

garage roller door

If you have a loose, worn, or broken motor, it may be necessary for you to replace the entire motor. Many garage roller doors have extremely sensitive motors, and if a part is to wear out or break down, the garage roller doors can not operate as well as they would previously. Garage maintenance includes checking and replacing any parts that wear out or break down. If you do not replace the entire motor, you may be able to get by with a temporary motor until you can get a new one. However, to get a good match, you should consider purchasing a new garage roller doors motor that is exactly like the one you have now.


When it comes to garage roller door installation, numerous things go into the process. If you are having garage door installation done by a professional, you will want to ensure that you choose a very durable and sturdy garage door. The roller shutter panels, springs, and rollers will all be put together very tightly, so you will want to ensure that the garage opener parts that you purchase are designed for each specific model that you buy. Also, to make sure that the garage roller door installation is completed correctly, you will want to talk to the garage installer about the proper way to install the parts. You should not take any shortcuts when it comes to your roller shutter systems, as the more time you spend avoiding problems, the more money you will save in the end.

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