The Many Different Types of Industrial Shutters

These days, there are several types of industrial shutters available in the market. Let us look at some of them here. They include mobile shutter panels, boom platform shutters, office door and window shutters, roller shutter doors and industrial door shutters. All these types of industrial shutters are used to secure various doors and windows in industrial buildings.

Popular Types

One of the most popular types of industrial shutters is the steel-line shutter. Steel-line types of exterior shutters are manufactured using different materials such as galvanized steel, powder-coated steel, cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel. These days, the market has introduced what is called hot-rolled steel-line shutter. It is high quality and durable type of industrial roller shutter that have a very long life span and can also withstand extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, galvanized steel and cold rolled steel-line industrial roller shutters are used for basic and simple steel-line types of exterior doors. These types are usually priced at a low cost.

Depending on the space available in commercial buildings, different business establishments can select different styles of industrial shutters. For instance, in offices and shops, industrial roller shutters can be used to separate different working areas while still allowing light to flow through. There are even offices that use special louvres for separating workspaces.

industrial shutters

Warehouse Shutters

In warehouses, industrial roller shutters are best suited for separating the warehouse from the rest of the building. It is also possible to install separate working areas in warehouses so that employees have a safe place to do their jobs without being disturbed by the other areas of the building. The installation of these roller shutters is simple and takes less time than regular panelling. The louvres or the doors can be closed to keep dust out while still allowing light to pass through.

Other Options

Similar to industrial roller shutters, industrial rolling doors are also very useful. In warehouses, these are usually installed as a part of a larger door system. Industrial rolling doors are similar to mini door systems. They are made up of multiple strips of wood or metal and mounted to a single piece of material so that there is no distance between the opening and the actual door. Many industrial buildings have industrial doors that are used in combination with industrial roller shutters because they offer a more stable, more secure, and more energy-efficient method of securing a building’s doors.

Lastly, industrial doors are used to cover outdoor doors. These are not the same as standard indoor doors because they have a wooden casing or metal tracks instead of a solid wood panel. Industrial roller doors are also available in this configuration. In industrial buildings, they are often attached to the exterior of the building and used to protect the interior doors, windows, and ramps while still providing an efficient method of ventilation and light control.

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