Garage Door Motor Repair: 5 Tips To Help You Get The Repair Right

Garage door motor repair cost is quite high for homeowners. In some cases, it may even lead to a replacement of a garage door opener. Openers are crucial parts of the home security system. However, you cannot cut corners when it comes to your garage door motor repair.


Garage door motors come in varying sizes and electricity requirements that necessitate certain skills to properly install. If you install the faulty garage door motor repair, it may strain the mechanical mechanism. A garage door opener is also an integrated unit that connects with other parts from one side to the other. It cannot be repaired if there is a connection failure.

A defective motor leads to an inability to properly operate automatic garage doors. Garage doors operate through a series of cables and pulleys that provide the necessary power to roll up and close the door. There should be a proper installation process for all types of garage door openers to avoid problems later on.

Common Problems

Some of the common problems that you will encounter include a noisy motor that makes it difficult to control when opening and closing. Also, the garage door motor repair technician may find difficulty in starting and operating the door. This can affect the garage gates operations. Also, the motor may have trouble in executing simple movements like opening and closing. For instance, in some instances, the automatic garage doors open and close slowly.

You have to recognize the symptoms of something wrong with your garage doors before seeking professional help. First, check your motor speed. If the garage doors motor is slow to move, then something may be wrong with the cables and motors. The technician will recommend that you replace the motor with a high-quality one for better performance.

Another symptom that tells of motor malfunction includes problems with the operation of the overhead door. Overhead doors, especially those that open upward, usually experience problems with the tension springs. The overhead door repair experts can check these springs and replace them if needed.

If the garage door still does not operate smoothly, then there might be a problem with the cables and the pulleys. This usually occurs when something is obstructing the way of the motor. The technicians can inspect the pulleys and tighten them if necessary. It is also advisable to lubricate these parts regularly. A lubricant improves the overall performance of the motor.

garage door motor repair


Garage door experts suggest that you perform garage door maintenance regularly. This maintenance saves you from having to incur expensive repairs in the future. You should pay attention to the following essential parts: the torsion springs, cables and pulleys. By lubricating and cleaning these parts, you can improve the performance of your overhead door.

In addition to the proper maintenance of the parts mentioned above, you also need to consider some other factors when performing garage door repairs. If the problem is due to a broken overhead door, then you need to check the installation of the faulty garage door opener. You should find out whether the door has been improperly installed. If so, then you should replace it with a new one.

In case the problems are with the motor of your overhead door panel, then the technician will check the power source and the frequency of the motor. He will then test all the components, such as the drive belts, motor mounts, pulleys, and more. If these tests come back with “failing grades”, then the technician will probably have to replace the damaged component.

If none of the tests is successful, then the garage door technician might also check the tension spring to make sure that it is properly aligned. If the tension spring is not properly aligned, then he will have to adjust it by loosening the nuts and then re-tightening them. However, if you can’t seem to locate the tension spring, then the garage door technician might also want to replace the spring. However, in most cases, you have to replace the tension spring if it is worn out beyond repair.

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